Reckon Virtual Cabinet

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Document Portal

Virtual Cabinet Document Portal system is an option. It's fully integrated with Virtual Cabinet Document Management system, which allows you to publish documents to clients, suppliers, partners and colleagues in a simple, secure and audited manner. This elegant mechanism allows companies to significantly improve customer service and retain far greater control and visibility over the life-cycle of their documents.


Secure document delivery

  • Adheres to the highest industry standards for security at every level
  • Uses security methods and principals such as in banks and the government
  • Encrypted documents using AES-256 bit encryption
  • Uses Extended Validation SSL certification provided by VeriSign

Secure environment

  • A platform that is secure and scalable
  • A platform has been independently tested (7Safe)
  • Virtual Cabinet Portal is secured behind multiple firewalls
  • Scans daily malware by security experts VeriSign for save browsing

Document publication and retraction

  • Retract a published document with confidence
  • Allows easy document review with full filtering and thumbnail views

Audited document ownership, maintained throughout the process

  • Full end to end audit process in Virtual Cabinet and in the Portal
  • Provides a complete and compliant audit log
  • Every action is logged and recorded against the individual
  • Allow extended use of your branding with personalised e-mails and customisable stationery


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