Reckon Virtual Cabinet

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Document Management System

Virtual Cabinet is an affordable, easy to use, highly effective document management system. It enables companies to control all documents, share information, increase productivity and archive securely with an instant return on investment.


Simple scanning

  • Scan documents from high-speed production scanners
  • Seamlessly link in with your existing MFD
  • Protect areas of the document with redaction facility

Efficient post distribution

  • View documents in any in-tray with administration privileges
  • Post routing to in-trays allows fast audited distribution of daily documents
  • Drag and drop documents into other individual/group in-trays and add “Sticky note” for comments

Filing made easy!

  • Simply drag and drop files onto the correct filing cabinet/folder 
  • Easily file your scanned, PDF and MS Office documents
  • Create a customer index structure to suit your organisation

Instant searching and retrieval

  • All document references are searchable
  • Search on content of the document
  • Easily search straight from your Reckon software
  • Easy identification of the document displayed in thumbnail form
  • View multiple documents in our multi-format viewer

Automatic email filing

  • Automatically file any e-mail to or from that address in the client correspondence
    file in Virtual Cabinet

Automatic outbound filing

  • Capture printed documents automatically into Virtual Cabinet
  • Capture, image and store directly onto your client file
  • No need to print, scan and file; it’s all done for you
  • No more manual filing of emails

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