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Board of directors

The Reckon Board of Directors comprises of non-executive directors and executive directors who oversee the long-term health and success of the business.

Ian Ferrier

Non-Executive Chairman

Ian Ferrier is a member of the Order of Australia and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. He has extensive experience in company corporate recovery and turn around practice. He is also a Director of a number of private and public companies. Ian is also Chairman of Australian Vintage Limited having been a Director since 1991 and Chairman of Goodman Group Limited since 2003 and a Director of Energy One Limited. He has significant experience in property and development, tourism, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and hotels, infrastructure and aviation and service industries. Ian joined the Board on 17 August 2004.

Chris Woodforde

Non-Executive Director

Chris Woodforde has an extensive background as a legal practitioner in New South Wales and England. Chris occupied senior positions in Microsoft from 1994 to 2008 including as Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs in Australia. He is also a mentor to, and investor in, a range of private initiatives in the information and communications technology market. Chris was previously a director of Connect2Field Pty Limited in which Reckon Limited was also an investor until its sale to Fleetmatics in 2013. Chris brings a unique mix of legal, commercial and management skills in South Asia, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand well suited to information technology companies.

Clive Rabie

Group Chief Executive Officer

Clive was Chief Operating Officer of Reckon from 2001 until February 2006 and in that time played a pivotal role in its turn-around. In February 2006 Clive was appointed to the position of Group Chief Executive Officer. He has extensive management and operational experience in the IT and retail sectors as both an owner and Director of companies.

Greg Wilkinson

Founder and Deputy Executive Chairman

Greg Wilkinson has over 30 years experience in the computer software industry. Greg entered the industry in the early 1980s in London where he managed Caxton Software, which became one of the UK’s leading software publishers. Greg co-founded Reckon in1987 and was the Chief Executive Officer until February 2006.  He was appointed to the position of Deputy Chairman in February 2006 and became a member of the Board of the listed entity on 19 July 1999. He was appointed to the Audit & Risk Committee in February 2010 and Remuneration Committee in December 2011.

Company Secretary and General Counsel

Myron Zlotnick LLM

General Counsel and Company Secretary

Myron Zlotnick has over 20 years experience as a legal practitioner, general and corporate counsel, and as a Director of companies in the information, communications and technology sector. He is a member of ASIC’s Registry and Licensing Business Advisory Committee.

Marianne Kopeinig LLM

Legal Counsel and Assistant Company Secretary

Marianne has over 15 years experience as a private practitioner and corporate counsel for private and ASX listed companies and broad industry experience in commercial, risk management and compliance functions.